Stress Management Training And Workplace Wellness Programs For Organizations Committed To Creating Happy, Productive Employees

Stress Is a Gift

Stress is a gift for your organization.

We show you how to unwrap, interpret and benefit from stress.

Stress Partners is a leading stress management training company offering in-house and virtual training workshops and courses for organizations in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, UAE, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

With expert stress and burnout training as well as original workplace well-being programs, we educate and empower your leaders and teams to prevent burnout, increase productivity and build resilience.

From mindfulness to stress management, mental health, fitness, nutrition and mindset… your employees will have the knowledge and skills to reduce stress and increase performance.

Training Programs

Workplace Stress Management Training
Burnout Prevention Training
Workplace Mental Health Training
Remote Work Wellbeing Training
Resilience Training
Mindfulness Training
Employee Wellness Programs

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Once-Off Training Session
A one-time workshop/class/webinar (From 45 mins to 4 Hours)

Weekly Training
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Monthly Training
One training session per month (1-4 hours)

Quarterly Training
One training session per quarter (1-4 hours)

Annual Training
One training session annually (1-4 hours)

Online Courses For Employees
(Self-Paced Learning)
[Coming In 2023]

Before-Work Stress Prevention:
‘Stress-Free Mornings’

At-Work Stress-Management:
‘Zero Stress Workday’

After-Work Wind-down:
‘After Work Wellness’

Targeted Online Courses:
Mindfulness Courses
Resilience Courses
Mental Health Courses
‘Remote Work Wellness’

Employee On-boarding:
‘Stress Management Induction Training’

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Don’t Leave Your Employee Health To Chance

Turn Stress Into Strength

Employee Health


Workplace Stress Training Helps Employees…

Workplace Stress Training

Lower Cortisol (The Stress Hormone)

Reduce Adrenaline (The Fight or Flight Response)

Calm The Sympathetic Nervous System (Allowing Healthy Mind And Body Function)

Build Resilient Employees Starting Today

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The Cost Of Stress And Burnout

Stress Burnout Cost

Stress Costs The U.S.$300 Billion annually

Harvard research reveals that 36% of workers suffer from work-related stress which costs U.S. businesses $30 billion annually in lost workdays.

Chronic Stress Has Been Linked To…

Chronic Stress In Workplace

Burnout Syndrome
Adrenal Fatigue
Cushing’s Syndrome

How will these conditions play out within your office?

In-Depth Employee Stress Management Education

Turn Overwhelm Into Opportunity

Chronic Stress In Workplace

Our training programs educate your employees to better self-manage their mind, body, thoughts and feelings…
…so they bring their best self to work every day…

We Teach Your Team…
Work/Life Balance
Diet & Nutrition
Exercise & Movement
Anti-Stress Techniques & Strategies
Group Stress Management Activities
Time Management
Routines & Habits Management
Dealing With People-Stress
Mind Management Practices

Meet The Expert…

Matt Adams Stress Burnout Expert

Matt Adams is a stress and burnout expert, trainer and founder of Stress Partners.

Suffering extreme stress and burnout while managing two real estate sales offices at 24 then a life-altering panic-attack at 27, Matt self-rehabilitated himself back to health and returned to full-time work within 10 months.

Overcoming up to 100 heart palpitations per day, lightning-shock sensations in his heart and death-feelings, he discovered or created effective anti-stress techniques, strategies and exercises to become resilient to stress and burnout.

He now teaches these techniques and strategies to individuals and organizations globally.

Resilience Skill-Building Means Stronger Employees

Turn Reliant Into Resilient

Employee Resilience Training Online

Strength in numbers is optimized through strengthening individuals.

Teaching employees resilience fundamentals combined with repetitive learning boosts confidence, competence and cooperation at work.

Work resilience training equips your employees with the knowledge and tools to build strength from within.

Prioritize Workplace Mental Well-Being

Workplace Mental Health

Proactive organizations get the edge through anticipating problems and addressing them in advance.

Workplace mental health training gives employees the tools, techniques and strategies to take control and feel good every day.

Will your organization follow or lead your industry in the conversation about mental well-being in the workplace?

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Workplace Mindfulness Training And Support To Create Highly Engaged Employees

Workplace Mindfulness Training Online

Mindful employees are engaged employees.

Give your staff the tools to self-manage… and watch them bring their best self to work every day.

Mindfulness at work training teaches employees the skills to go within and be more present moment-to-moment.

Remote Work Well-Being For Healthy, Connected Teams

Turn Disconnected Into Dynamic

Remote Work Wellness Training

Distance doesn’t have to mean disconnected.

When remote employees have the tools to self-manage, they take responsibility for their productivity and performance.

Remote work wellness training teaches your team how to manage working from home healthily and confidently.

‘Create’ Employees That Love Working For You

Educating and equipping your employees with practical tools to grow and achieve increases performance and retention.

Give your team the training to optimize their morning, workday and after-work routines so they become resilient to stress and burnout.

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Complete Stress Management Training

Turn Vulnerable Into Valuable

Complete Stress Management Training

From on-boarding employees with stress prevention training through to stress optimization before, during and after work… your employees will have all the tools they need to reduce stress and increase well-being.

We have courses that address the big challenges faced by employees and organizations.

Original Workplace Wellness Programs

Original Workplace Wellness Programs

Being well at work takes more than just attending a few workshops a year.

Our workplace wellness programs build individuals from the ground up so they know what self-care truly looks like.

From a wellness mindset to nutrition plans to movement, techniques, strategies, activities and exercises… your employees will receive the education about health they didn’t receive at school.

Mind Optimization Essentials

Mind Optimization Training

Workplace mental health training is a hot topic but how many trainers actually give attendees the ‘big picture’?

We go beyond surface level information to get to the root cause by equipping your staff with the tools and strategies to best support their mind and body by identifying underlying issues that can derail employee well-being.

Mental wellness training educates and supports your employees in gaining a deeper self-understanding so that they can easily self-manage life’s daily challenges.

Through simple frameworks, strategies and mindfulness practices, your staff can put themselves in the driver’s seat of their mind, rather than just responding to life events.

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Corporate Stress And Wellness Solutions

Corporate Stresss And Wellness Solutions

As one of the top stress management training companies, our workshops and courses cover all aspects of personal and workplace wellness.

With one-of-a-kind corporate wellness education and support… we equip you and your team with everything you need to help your employees reduce stress, prevent burnout and build mental, physical and emotional wellness.

Achieve These Stress And Burnout Training Outcomes…

Turn Burned-Out Into Balanced


Workplace Conflicts
Office Politics
Job Dissatisfaction
Sick Days
Stress Leave
Workplace accidents
Workers Compensation
Employee Turnover


Employee Engagement
Emotional Stability
Team Cohesion
Company Culture
Productivity & Performance
Employee Longevity
Company Growth & Profits

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